*The FDA has not approved intravenous ketamine or NAD+ for the treatment of any psychiatric or pain condition. These articles reference off-label use. Like all medical treatments, the discussed therapies carry risks and benefits. Speak with a doctor at Clarus Health to learn if these therapies may be right for you.

Jan 11, 2024

Revealing Safer and Natural Anti-Depressants through Ketamine

Depression needs to be treated - can natural techniques work better than antidepressants?

Revealing Safer and Natural Anti-Depressants through Ketamine

Depression affects more than 1-in-10 women in the United States but many don't receive proper treatment. There are many reasons people don't get treated for depression, but one important reason is a preference not to take antidepressants and concern about side effects. Learn how IV Ketamine therapy helps patients access safer, natural, and more effective relief from depression.

IV Ketamine - Revealing Untapped Possibilities

Ketamine is not a standard anti-depressant "band aid." Holistic IV Ketamine therapy promotes a renewed sense of self and healing that can address the root causes of depression. In our clinical experience treating hundreds of patients, we find IV Ketamine opens the door to numerous new possibilities, including restarting heart-healthy and brain-healthy activities, like enjoyable exercise.

IV Ketamine therapy, specifically, is the most targeted and fastest acting form of Ketamine. This helps optimize in effectiveness in healing difficult-to-treat conditions.

When patients are depressed, they are more likely to stop regular exercise despite it's numerous benefits to reduce depression. This creates a negative spiral of depression symptoms and heart disease risk. IV Ketamine therapy not only helps reduce depression symptoms rapidly, but we have found a strong renewal of interest in pursuing exercise, especially if patients enjoyed certain sports before feeling depressed. This renewed interest in exercise is incredibly important because...

Exercise May be More Effective Than Antidepressants

Exercise is effective in relieving 26 chronic conditions, including depression and anxiety. More importantly, exercise has the opposite effects of anti-depressant side effects, which can include:

A recent study in the Netherlands showed that exercise was as effective as escitalopram (Lexapro) in relieving depression. However, other beneficial effects included lower heart rate, higher VO2 max, lower blood pressure, and narrower waist circumference. The exercise therapy consisted of running outdoors for 45 minutes, 2-3 times per week, with the following structure:

  • 10 minute warm up
  • 30 minute jog at 50-85% of heart rate reserve
  • 5 minute cool down
Exercise can be as effective as anti-depressants without the side effects, and instead, with significant improvements in heart- and brain-health

Uncover your Healing with IV Ketamine + Exercise

Both Ketamine and exercise empower patients to naturally take back control of their health. We use these strategies as part of our holistic Ketamine therapy to relieve depression and even reduce the doses of anti-depressants when safely possible. Learn more about how to uncover your inner healing potential with a free consultation.

Anthony Kaveh MD

Anthony Kaveh MD

Dr. Kaveh is a Stanford and Harvard-trained anesthesiologist and integrative medicine specialist. He has over 800,000 followers on social media and has guided hundreds of patients throughout transformative healing experiences. He is an authority on Ketamine, NAD, and SGB therapies. He is a registered continuing education lecturer in the Bay Area.