Sneha Shrestha MD

Dr. Shrestha is a Stanford, UCLA-trained emergency room doctor who inspires patients to find healing through nature

Sneha Shrestha MD

About Dr. Shrestha MD

Dr. Shrestha is an accomplished Emergency Room physician, receiving her medical educational at Stanford and UCLA. For over 10 years, she has been committed to improving mental health, with specialization in treating depression, anxiety, PTSD, and chronic pain.

Dr. Sneha Shrestha has helped hundreds of patients find deep healing with ketamine infusion therapy

She has dedicated her practice to the transformative potential of ketamine infusion therapy to treat patients young and old. Patients find healing in her empathetic, patient-centered approach, combined with her deep knowledge of the dynamic mind-body connection. This, along with her dedication to continuous learning, has helped heal hundreds of patients who once felt hopeless.

Aside from her healing work, Dr. Shrestha enjoys rock climbing, traveling, and spending time in nature.

"Dr. Shrestha has a healing presence that I haven't felt in my doctors in the last 5 years" - patient with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)