Ketamine and NAD are powerful therapies for anxiety that has been resistant to standard treatments and medications



Ketamine & NAD are revolutionary therapies to treat the root causes of anxiety for more successful treatment

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IV Ketamine and NAD for Anxiety Treatment

Dr. Kaveh’s holistic anxiety treatment uses IV Ketamine and NAD to address the root causes of anxiety. All too often, anxiety is used as a “label” or diagnosis (“I am an anxious person” or “I was diagnosed with anxiety”). Instead, Dr. Kaveh emphasizes that anxiety is often a symptom, rather than a diagnosis.

Dr. Kaveh’s holistic treatment recognizes multiple root causes of anxiety, including:

  • Uncertainty in core values and self-identity
  • Lack of control
  • Genetic susceptibility to anxiety
  • Concomitant depression
  • Medical conditions that cause or exacerbate anxiety
  • Environmental triggers (death, separation, personal or financial hardship, etc.) that can cause or worsen anxiety
  • Medications can influence anxiety symptoms, such as stimulant medications or recreational drugs

Breaking the Anxiety Cycle with Ketamine

Anxiety is often a cycle of persistent thoughts related to future events. Some call it “paying interest on a debt you may never owe.”

IV Ketamine rapidly induces a flexible mindset. Increasing the flexibility of our thought patterns allows us to break free of anxiety cycles by providing alternative pathways. Instead of remaining “stuck” in the same thought loop, we are able to “flex” our minds to replace these thought loops with other, less anxiety-provoking thoughts.

The feelings of being “stuck in a rut” are often a result of cognitive rigidity that are also present not only in anxiety conditions, but also compulsivity (OCD), addiction, and eating disorders. Ketamine and NAD facilitate “re-wiring” the parts of the brain that nudge us into feeling more flexible. This process of “re-wiring” is called neuroplasticity and can help us become more flexible and help us feel “unstuck.” You can see Dr. Kaveh discuss the anxiety habit loop here.

NAD is a powerful adjunct to IV Ketamine

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide NAD is a vital co-enzyme present in every cell of our bodies. It is critical to cellular metabolism, DNA repair, and healthy nerve functioning. By facilitating these crucial cellular processes, NAD can enhance the anti-anxiety effects of IV Ketamine, especially in those challenged with chronic fatigue syndrome or myalgic encephalomyelitis. This highly personalized treatment can help resolve the underlying causes of our anxiety faster and more sustainably. Drs. Kaveh and Shrestha provide the San Francisco Bay Area with this highly personalized treatment to help those in the greatest need of healing from anxiety.

Ketamine Rebalances Neurotransmitters to Improve Anxiety Treatment

Ketamine balances our brain’s response to glutamate, an important neurotransmitter. Glutamate affects our sense of fear and its resulting response to stress. By rebalancing glutamate and other neurotransmitters, Ketamine allows us to fundamentally adjust our response to threats and triggers, whether they are real or perceived.

Ketamine and NAD Also Treat Co-Existing Depression

Depression and anxiety often occur together because both are exacerbated by cognitively rigid mindsets. Treating anxiety is easier when we also treat our depression. Ketamine is a powerful part of holistically treating the root causes of depression, and in doing so, facilitates healing from anxiety through similar neurochemical effects.

Treating Anxiety with IV Ketamine Therapy: What to Expect

Dr. Kaveh’s holistic approach to treating the root causes of anxiety includes the following 3 steps:

  1. Preparation: Consultation with Dr. Kaveh to prime your mind to find the greatest healing from your Ketamine experience.
  2. IV Ketamine Infusions: Experience rapid healing in our peaceful and comfortable clinic under the direct guidance of expert Clarus physicians: Dr. Kaveh and Dr. Shrestha.
  3. Integration: Apply the insights gained from the Ketamine experience to your daily life. Without this invaluable step, the positive experiences may “fade away” without integrating into your psyche for sustained healing.

Contact Clarus with any questions about how IV Ketamine therapy can help treat the root causes of your anxiety.

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